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Friday, 16 March 2012 | 0 comments
Nik Nurul Syafiqah
‎#1234; Beautiful angel :B Apa nak describe you? *garu kepala. Ok, let's start :) Big fella', you've been really nice sangat nice and forever nice to me :3 You've been there when I cried that day (Y) You help me study Science :B Hiwhiw ^^V Hey, who knows you're so awesome, kindda angel, hyperactive, understanding, happy go lucky :}D I know you love me kaaaaaan? Hihi, I know :') Hehs, lol. Tak apa lah. Stay the golden you ♥ Ohh, thanks for being there for me day and night okay? Haha. Byee nek :) xoxo

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